Supriya Shrinet vs Kangana Ranaut: Controversy erupts on social media

Hey buddy! Let’s dive into the latest scoop that’s got everyone talking. It’s about a little online tiff between our Congress leader Supriya Shrinate and the bold and beautiful Kangana Ranaut. So, here’s the lowdown: a not-so-nice post popped up on Supriya’s Meta, and Kangana was not having it. But Supriya was like, “Hold up, that wasn’t me!” She said her account got hacked, and she’d never diss another woman like that.

Kangana, being the queen she is, spoke up with a powerful message. She reminded us all about the respect every woman deserves, no matter her story. It was a real talk moment that made us think about how we treat each other, especially online.

The BJP stepped in and said, “We need to sort this out,” calling for some action to be taken. It’s sparked a big convo about keeping our social media accounts safe from hackers, especially for those in the spotlight.

This whole thing isn’t just about one post; it’s about the bigger picture. It’s got us chatting about how women are seen and treated, whether they’re in politics or the movies. It’s a reminder for us to keep things respectful and kind, no matter where we are—even on the internet.

So, let’s keep the good vibes rolling and make sure our online world is a friendly place for everyone. Here’s to more understanding and less drama on our fave social platforms. High five to that!

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