Hanuman and Tuesday: A spiritual connection rooted in ancient mythology (Tretha Yuga tale)

Learn the spiritual connection between Lord Hanuman and Tuesday in Hinduism. Trace the legend of his appearance in Treta Yuga and its impact on devotional practices.

Hanuman Ji & Tuesdays: Treta Yuga Legend

For devotees of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god revered for his strength, devotion, and unwavering loyalty, Tuesdays hold a special significance. This connection is deeply rooted in ancient Hindu mythology, specifically in the events surrounding Hanuman’s birth in the Treta Yuga, a bygone era in Hindu cosmology.

The Treta Yuga Tale:

Legends tell us that Lord Hanuman was born on a Tuesday (Mangalwar) under the nakshatra (lunar mansion) called Chitra. Anjana, his mother, prayed fervently to Lord Vayu, the wind god, for a son. Her prayers were answered when Vayu, captivated by her devotion, entered her womb, leading to the miraculous birth of Hanuman.

Since Vayu is the presiding deity over Tuesdays, this day is considered particularly auspicious for worshipping Lord Hanuman. Devotees believe that prayers and offerings made on Tuesdays have a greater potency and reach Hanuman more readily.

Spiritual Significance:

The association of Lord Hanuman with Tuesdays goes beyond mere chronology. It symbolizes the qualities he embodies – strength, courage, unwavering faith, and selfless service. These qualities resonate with the energy of Mars (Mangal), the planet associated with Tuesdays.

Observances on Tuesdays:

Many devotees observe special practices on Tuesdays dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Here are some common ones:

Hanuman Chalisa: Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa, a devotional hymn extolling Lord Hanuman’s virtues, is a popular practice on Tuesdays. Many devotees believe it brings blessings and removes obstacles.

Sindoor Offering: Applying vermillion (sindoor) to Hanuman idols or images is a customary offering. The red color signifies courage and devotion.

Fasting: Some devotees may choose to observe a partial fast on Tuesdays, abstaining from certain foods while offering prayers and consuming simple meals.

Hanuman Puja: Performing a puja (worship ritual) dedicated to Lord Hanuman is a common practice. Devotees offer flowers, sweets, and prayers, seeking his blessings for success, protection, and overcoming challenges.

Beyond April 23rd:

While the upcoming Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024, holds a special significance due to the convergence of a Tuesday with a Chitra nakshatra (a rare occurrence), the connection between Hanuman and Tuesdays extends throughout the year. Devotees can dedicate any Tuesday to connect with him through prayers, rituals, and acts of service inspired by his noble character.

By understanding the mythological and spiritual connection between Lord Hanuman and Tuesdays, devotees can deepen their devotion and experience the power of faith and tradition. So, on this upcoming Tuesday and beyond, let us celebrate the legacy of Lord Hanuman and seek his blessings for a life filled with courage, strength, and unwavering devotion.

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