Greece Chokes on Sahara Dust! Orange Skies Blanket Athens & Cities Photos

A Saharan dust storm turned the skies of Athens and other Greek cities an apocalyptic orange! See photos & videos of this rare weather event.

Greece Chokes on Sahara Dust! Orange Skies Blanket Athens & Cities Photos ( image credit: Google/Hindustan Times)

Dust clouds from the Sahara desert in North Africa have blown across the Mediterranean Sea, casting an eerie orange hue over Greece’s capital city, Athens. This unusual weather event has left historic landmarks, including the ancient citadel of Acropolis, blanketed in orange dust. The phenomenon, which occurred on April 23, 2024, has drawn attention and concern from residents and visitors alike.

The skies over Athens turned Martian-like, with the Acropolis and other landmarks enveloped in a surreal orange glow. Tourists and locals flocked to the Tourkovounia hills, which bisect the city, to witness this rare spectacle. People captured photos of the cityscape, its ancient architecture obscured by the Saharan dust. A man wearing a face mask snapped a picture of the Mars-like view, while others sat on cliffs, marveling at the unusual scene.

However, this striking visual comes with health risks. The CDC recommends staying indoors during Saharan dust events, especially for individuals with asthma or underlying health conditions. Exposure to the fine dust particles can increase the risk of respiratory disorders and cardiovascular events. Kostas Lagouvardos, a weather research director at the Athens Observatory, noted that this was one of the most serious episodes of dust and sand concentrations from the Sahara since 2018. Back then, the clouds invaded the island of Crete, causing similar orange skies.

The same winds that carried the Sahara dust to Greece also exacerbated wildfire risks. On the same day, the Hellenic Fire Department reported 25 brush fires across the country. These fires were likely fueled by the dry conditions and the influx of dust particles. Fortunately, the skies were expected to clear up as winds blew the dust away later in the day.

In summary, Athens experienced an apocalyptic orange sky due to the Sahara dust storm, leaving both awe-inspiring visuals and health concerns in its wake. As the dust settled, residents hoped for clearer skies and a return to normalcy. Stay informed and take necessary precautions during such extraordinary weather events! 

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