Delhi Leader Arvind Kejriwal Granted Bail: Legal Victory in Recent Court Decision | kejriwal latest news

New Delhi, May 10, 2024 — In a significant development, her Supreme Court of India has granted interim bail to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.The decision comes after weeks of legal battles and intense scrutiny surrounding the charges against the prominent political leader.

Delhi Leader Arvind Kejriwal Granted Bail: Legal Victory in Recent Court Decision | kejriwal latest news ( image credit: Google/Mint)


Arvind Kejriwal, a seasoned politician and the face of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), was arrested last month in connection with an excise policy case. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) had alleged financial irregularities related to the policy, leading to his detention.

Court Proceedings

The court proceedings were closely watched by legal experts, political analysts, and citizens alike. Kejriwal’s legal team argued vehemently for his release, emphasizing his constitutional rights and the need to maintain the balance between personal liberty and the investigation process.

The Supreme Court, in its ruling, acknowledged the seriousness of the charges but also recognized Kejriwal’s right to a fair trial. The court cited the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” and granted him interim bail until June 1, allowing him to continue his duties as the Chief Minister of Delhi.


The decision has several implications:

Political Landscape: Kejriwal’s arrest had created a political storm, with AAP supporters rallying behind their leader. His release on bail is likely to boost the morale of the party and energize its election campaign.

Legal Precedent: The court’s ruling sets a precedent for cases involving high-profile politicians. It reaffirms the judiciary’s commitment to upholding individual rights while ensuring a fair investigation.

Public Perception: Kejriwal’s supporters view the bail as a victory for justice, while critics argue that it undermines the investigation. The court’s decision will shape public opinion and influence the upcoming state elections.


AAP Leaders: Senior AAP leaders expressed relief and gratitude, thanking the judiciary for its timely intervention.

Opposition Parties: Some opposition parties criticized the bail, alleging preferential treatment for Kejriwal due to his political stature.

Legal Experts: Legal experts debated the merits of the court’s decision, highlighting the delicate balance between liberty and accountability.

What Lies Ahead

As the legal battle continues, Arvind Kejriwal will focus on his election campaign, aiming to secure another term as Delhi’s Chief Minister. The court’s decision provides him with a temporary respite, but the excise policy case remains unresolved.

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